Xtremen Underwear Microfiber Sports Bikini - Bikini Style Mens Brief With Sports Mesh Panels


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Mens briefs have been around for a long time and are an incredibly popular style of men's underwear. One of the reasons they are so popular is the many different styles of briefs that are available. No longer are you restricted to big saggy Y-fronts. If you want a sexy bikini style brief that gives good support and coverage then you are going to love the mesh panels on the Xtremen Underwear Microfibre Sports Bikini.
The Xtremen Microfiber Sports Bikini is somewhere between a bikini and a brief. Its low-rise on the waist with a thick elasticated waistband and has a full rear. The pouch is contoured to give your manhood support and definition. Either side of the pouch towards your hips are two sports mesh sections. The front cuts high on the legs leaving them mostly bare, but with a fuller rear.
These briefs are made from a microfiber material that is 90% Cotton / 10% Elastane that is smooth and durable. They come in a choice of Black or Dark Blue.
These men's bikini briefs give the low cut front that generally defines a bikini, but with the added bonus of a fuller rear that you don't normally get with bikini brief. Making the unusual combination of sexiness and comfort.
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