Xtremen Underwear Lines Geometric Jacquard Briefs - Square Leg Mens Brief Underwear


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Men's briefs are a popular men's underwear style that have been around for a long time. There are a wide variety of styles available from skimpy bikini styles to full traditional Y-fronts. If are you looking for a sexy and modern version of a brief with good coverage but a low profile, then you definitely found it with the Xtremen Lines Geometric Jacquard Briefs 

The Xtremen Lines Geometric Jacquard Briefs is almost like a mini trunk. This mens brief is low-rise on the waist with a square style cut on the legs like trunk but much higher like a brief. The center seamed contour pouch has a flat seam around it to give your manhood support and definition. These briefs manage to give full coverage but still keep a low profile.

They are made from a durable microfibre mix of 65% Polyester / 25% Nylon / 10% Elastane that has a good stretch and feels light. They are available in either Dark Blue or White with a faint line patterning

If you want a brief that will give you support with a lower profile and shows off your bulge then this is the one.

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