Xtremen Sport Mesh Microfiber Boxer Briefs - Mens Mesh Underwear



Boxer Briefs are super comfy, but they can also be sexy? The low cut and mesh material make Xtremen Sports Mesh Microfiber Boxer Brief a comfortable and sexy choice

The Xtremen Sport Mesh Microfiber Boxer Brief is more of a trunk cut as it is shorter on the leg than a traditional boxer brief so doesn't bunch up. The cut on this boxer brief is very low-rise on the waist with a narrow almost conceled elasticated waistband. The contoured pouch is seamed in the middle to give a supportive and comfortable. The rear gives full coverage and has a rear sew to help give a better and more comfortable fit.

They are made from a tight sport mesh material of 65% Polyester / 25% Nylon / 10% Elastane with contrast stitching.

This boxer brief is a good all day mens underwear style, its mesh design will keep you cool, you could even hit the gym in it.

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