Xtremen Jacquard Stripes Thong - Male Thong



A sporty mens thong with a wider rear than a g-string. Is that what you are looking for? If you are then you definitely found it with the Xtremen Ethnic Jacquard Stripes Thong. 

The Xtremen Ethnic Jacquard Stripes Thong is like a brief at the front, its  low-rise on the waist with a slightly wide waistband. The pouch is contoured to give your manhood support and definition and features the same piping that features on the leg and waistband around the pouch to really define your bulge. The rear is the Y shaped thong strap, so the lower part is in between your cheeks, but the upper part is outside them.

They are made from an athletic narrow sports mesh of 25% Nylon / 65% Polyester / 10% Elastane that makes it light and keeps you cool. It has  a diamond shaped dash stripe pattern

If you want a masculine thong that will keep you cool with a lower profile and really shows off your bulge then this is the one.

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