Xtremen Jacquard Diamond Stripes Jockstrap



Jockstraps are a versatile style of men's underwear, great for under tight jeans or at the gym. The Xtremen Jacquard Diamond Stripes Jockstrap is comfortable and supportive.

The Xtremen Jacquard Diamond Stripes Jockstrap is low-rise but fairly traditional jockstrap style. Even though it sits low on the waist it still has a wide elasticated waistband and the traditional leg bands that sit under your bum cheeks leaving your bum uncovered and cool. The leg straps are maybe a little narrower than on many jockstraps, but still give good support and structure. The pouch is the traditional triangular cup style pouch that is seamed for good support and definition. 

This jockstrap is made from 65% Polyester / 25% Nylon / 10% Elastane that has diamond stripe shaped pattern

A fairly traditional jockstrap cut with a dash of style that gets the job done.

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