V13 Geometric Swim Brief - Men's Swimming Trunks


Was: £40.48
Now: £6.75

How low can you go? Well with the V13 Geometric Swim Brief from 2EROS you can go very low. The V13 Geometric is a super low-rise fit, so it is super skimpy and sexy. But the design of these briefs still give good coverage on the rear and has contoured front pouch to make sure there is room for your manhood.

The geometric shapes are made up of three main colours; red, black and tan. It creates a textured looking print that when combined with the ultra-low fit of the V13 it definitely going to make you the talk of the beach or pool.
They are made with 100% Polyester and the external drawstring has metal tassels giving these swimming trunks a premium look and feel.

Dare you go low in the Geometric Swim briefs?

Sizing Information

INCH 27-29 30-31 32-33 34-35 36-37
CM 68-73 76-79 81-84 86-89 91-94