Privacy & Cookies Policy

Manhood Undies Privacy Policy

We love great underwear, and we guess that you do too. But that does not mean you want an email from us every 5 minutes telling you about the latest underwear styles or random emails from companies you have never heard of!

That’s why we will never share any of your details with anyone ever! We only use your details for the following:

  • To set up your Manhood Account
  • To confirm order status
  • To verify payment information
  • To ship your order
  • To contact you if there is a problem
  • To add you to our mailing list if you want

If you are happy to receive our emails about how you can make your manhood look good, then you will receive periodic emails about amazing new underwear styles, great offers and maybe something about man-scaping and mesh underwear.  But you can always opt out if you want, but your manhood won’t be very happy if you do!

Manhood Undies Cookies Policy

Our website uses cookies to give you a better experience, making sure you see the things you want to see. Your manhood is personal to you and we want to give you a personalised shopping experience. That way instead of seeing a pouch enhanced thong you will see the revealing see through briefs or sports performance boxers.

Cookies remember what you do when you visit our site and can show the underwear you have looked at or the swimwear you have saved in your cart. They also allow us to see how many people have visited our site and from where. They help us improve our service and guide what underwear styles are most popular.

They are completely safe and never store any sensitive information such as payment details. You can opt out from accepting the use of cookies, but it will compromise your shopping experience and may affect you ability to purchase the amazing underwear and swimwear brands we have.