PPU Underwear Teardrop Bulge Thong - Minimal Male Thong With Bulge Pouch


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Men's thongs are suprisingly a very popular style of mens underwear, one reason that they are popular is that they generally have less material than other styles of mens underwear. The other reason that they are popular is that a male thong can look really sexy. Men's thongs dont get much more minimal or sexy than the PPU Underwear Teardrop Bulge Thong with its bulge style pouch.

The cut on this men's thong is very much more along the lines of a g-string style thong. Its low-rise on the waist with a narrow waistband. The pouch encases your manhood with a narrow strap attached the waistband and a g-string style strap attaches it to the rear. The top of the rear has a small triangle of material that sits at the top of your bum. This construction leaves your legs and bum completely bare, but also creates an impressive bulge.

The minimal amount of material is made from 93% Nylon / 7% Spandex and they come in a choice of either black or silver.

Men's thongs really don't get much more minimal than this, so it's ideal under tight fitting clothing. But the way the pouch is constructed is going to create a very sexy bulge. So this offers both practicallity and sensuality.

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