PPU Underwear Mesh Pouch Double Strap Jock - Semi Transparent Mesh Pouch Jockstrap


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There is a huge range of different men's underwear available, from your everyday essentials through to styles that are a bit more sexy and daring. Sexy men's underwear comes in all shapes and sizes from your more sophisticated and sexy to men's underwear that is just downright kinky. If you are looking for sexy men's underwear that sits at the more outrageous end of the the spectrum then you are going to love the naughty style of the PPU Underwear Mesh Pouch Double Strap Jock.

The jockstrap was originally used as an athletic support, but there is nothing traditional about this jockstrap. It has a traditional wide low-rise waistband with a cup style contour pouch made from a semi transparent mesh material. But differing from a traditional jockstrap it has an additional strap on each side connecting from the pouch to the leg straps.

This sexy jockstrap is made from 94% Nylon / 6% Spandex and is available in white.

This sexy jockstrap is not the really the kind that you would wear to the gym, but it could certainly lead to some physical activity! Although this is not a traditional jock the design does give you plenty of support while having a modern and sexy design.

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