Pikante Underwear Winston Jockstrap - Asymmetrical One Leg Strap Sexy Jock Underwear


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Jockstraps were created to provide protection and support while playing sports. But they have now become a popular style of men's underwear with a variety of different types of jockstrap.  You still get athletic jocks that can support you whilst take part in sports, but we are seeing more and more everyday fashion jockstraps. The Pikante Underwear Winston Jockstrap is not your usual style of jock with it asymmetrical pouch and single leg strap.

The Pikante Winston Jockstrap is not a standard jock in anyway shape or form. It has an asymmetrical cup style pouch that points in a diagonal up direction with two waistbands coming off the side and around your body. The pouch has a centre seam running halfway up the pouch that gives it very sold structure and support. On the same side you have one strap that goes around the leg.

This jockstrap is made from a microfiber mix that is 85% Nylon / 15% Elastane that has a solid and durable feel to it. It comes in a choice of Gray or Grape with black straps.

This jockstrap is not one to wear to the gym, it's not even got a particularly naughty style that makes unsuitable for the gym. But the unusual style gives it a very modern and stylish look that you are not going to see anyone else wearing. In addition to having a cool style this jockstrap gives great support from the pouch that has a really solid construction.

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