Pikante Underwear Special Thong - Sexy & Masculine Bikini Style Mens Thong



Men's thongs are an incredibly popular style of men's underwear, even though many men who have not tried one would presume that they would be uncomfortable. Surprisingly they can be incredibly comfortable, they are also a great choice under tight fitting clothing. As the lower profile fit of a male thong is less likely to feel uncomfortable or to show any unsightly underwear bulges. The Pikante Underwear Special Thong is a low cut whilst being both masculine and sexy.


The Pikante Special Thong is similar to a bikini with a low-rise on the waist with a narrow elasticated waistband and low-profile bikini style front with a seamed contour pouch that will give your manhood support and definition. The sides are formed from the waistband with a elasticated waistband section connecting the front and rear that sits low on the waist, but high on the legs like a bikini, but as it comes round to the rear its start to form a Y shaped thong rear. The thong strap is wider at the top, so it sits outside the inner part of your bum cheeks with the lower strap in between the bum cheeks.


This men's thong is made from a microfibre mix of 48% Polyester / 47% Nylon / 5% Elastane that has good stretch and feels fantastic. It comes in a solid block colour of either Blue or Green with a contrast waistband like strap. It is handmade in Columbia using materials from the USA and South America. Ensure you wash this men’s underwear on a delicate wash, do not bleach or tumble dry to ensure your men’s underwear retains its colour and shape.


Many men worry about a thong being uncomfortable and stuck up their bum crack all day, but the wider rear thong style strap of this male thong means that it will keeps its position with good structure and support. The low-profile bikini style cut combined with the thong rear means this is great under tight clothing but offers the support you need.


Sizing Information

All men’s underwear sizes can vary between brands, the sizes provided are the average size. Due to being handmade there can sometimes be small discrepancies in individual items. The fit will also vary depending on the style. If you are in between sizes, we suggest that you consider the larger size. Pouch fit will depend on your personal size and preference, but pouch fit tends to be on the smaller size to create a defined bulge. Please note we cannot exchange underwear that has been tried on due to hygiene. For more information on sizing check out our men's underwear size guide or contact us.


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