Pikante Underwear Neon Jockstrap - Sexy Jock Brief Hybrid with Cut Out Rear Section


Jockstraps were originally created as athletic wear to provide protection and support while playing sports. But they have now become a popular style of men's underwear with a variety of different types of jockstrap. Initially popular within the gay community now men or anyone with a manhood have started to appreciate the advantages of wearing a jockstrap. But we are seeing an increasing number of slightly unusual styles of jockstraps that are designed to be sexy and daring rather than used for everyday wear or athletic activity. The Pikante Underwear Neon Jockstrap is more like a super skimpy brief with a cut out rear than it is a jock.


The Pikante Neon Jockstrap is not your standard style of jock strap. It fact it is more like a bikini brief with a cut out rear section than it is a jock. It sits super low with a very narrow low-rise waistband that has a small metal ring at the front. The close-fitting cup style pouch surrounds your manhood like a sock with a centre seam to create support and definition for an impressive looking bulge. Two narrow straps attach from the pouch to the narrow waistband to create sections that show bare flesh. The narrow waistband runs around to the rear which is like a bikini rear with the middle section cut out to create a jockstrap like look. But rather than your entire bum being uncovered it mainly your bum crack and middle of your bum cheeks that are on show.


This jock strap is made from a microfibre mix of 92% Polyester / 8% Elastane that has good stretch and feels fantastic. It comes in an abstract neon green print. It is handmade in Columbia using materials from the USA and South America. Ensure you wash this men’s underwear on a delicate wash, do not bleach or tumble dry to ensure your men’s underwear retains its colour and shape.


If you are looking for a super sexy jockstrap that is going to show off plenty of bare flesh as well as accentuating your manhood with an impressive bulge then you are going to love the tight-fitting pouch, strappy design and open rear of this this jock brief hybrid. 


Sizing Information

All men’s underwear sizes can vary between brands, the sizes provided are the average size. Due to being handmade there can sometimes be small discrepancies in individual items. The fit will also vary depending on the style. If you are in between sizes, we suggest that you consider the larger size. Pouch fit will depend on your personal size and preference, but pouch fit tends to be on the smaller size to create a defined bulge. Please note we cannot exchange underwear that has been tried on due to hygiene. For more information on sizing check out our men's underwear size guide or contact us.


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