PIkante Underwear Manhood Long Johns Thong - See Through Leggings With Mens Thong


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There is a huge range of different men's underwear available, from your everyday essentials through to styles that are a bit more sexy and daring. Sexy men's underwear comes in all shapes and sizes from your more sophisticated and sexy to men's underwear that is just downright kinky. If you are looking for sexy men's underwear that sits at the more outrageous end of the the spectrum then you are going to love the naughty athletic style of the Pikante Underwear Manhood Long Johns Thong.

When the weather turns colder and you need a bit more coverage then it's time to pull the long athletic underwear. There is a variety of long athletic underwear available with varying lengths like the full length long john style through to calf length. They provide many functions from keeping your warm through to protect your skin against sports activities. Although showing off your mens thong underneath these completely transparent leggings might not be allowed at your gym!

The Pikante Manhood Long Johns Thong are a full ankle length long john style athletic legging with a mens thong. The long john element have a high-rise on the waist on the waist with a narrow elasticated waist. They are a bit like a pair of tights, but with no feet on them. They have a seam on the front and back as well as down the inner leg. They are made from a completely transparent sheer see through mesh material. Underneath the long johns style tights you have a male thong that sits low on the waist with a low-rise thin waistband. The front is a wide triangular shape with a contoured pouch, which attached to the thong rear by the thin straps. The rear has a small triangle of material at the top that will sit at the top of your bum crack with the thin thong strap in between your bum cheeks.
They are made from 94% Nylon / 6% Elastane sheer see through mesh on the leggings and solid opaque material on the thong to keep your manhood hidden. They are available in Black or Dark Blue.
This long athletic underwear is maybe not ideal for athletic activities and sports, but possibly better for bedroom athletics! If you are planning on some outdoor sexy time than these super kinky long johns will keep you warm while getting naughty outside. Alternatively you could use them as a form of tights or as an additional layer under outfits.
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