Pikante Underwear Magno Garter Jockstrap - Sexy & Revealing Male Lingerie Style Jock Underwear


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The choice of men's underwear styles continues to grow and as the idea of gender becomes more fluid there is more crossover between what was considered to be traditional male and female underwear styles. But the idea of men wearing lingerie or even the idea of lingerie designed for specifically for me is not new. Here at Manhood Undies we pride ourselves on providing the full range of underwear for men. If you're looking for a sexy men's lingerie then you are going to love the Pikante Underwear Magno Garter Jockstrap.
The Pikante Magno Garter Jockstrap combines a super skimpy bikini jockstrap with garter belt suspender style for a masculine take on men's lingerie. The jock element is super low, with a narrow waistband and cuts in tight for a bulge defining pouch. The narrow sides run around to form the leg straps that sit under your bum cheeks. Placed over the jock element is the garter belt suspenders that sit high on the waist with a narrow a waistband. The triangular mesh suspender runs down the side of the thigh narrowing as it runs down. The garter belt strap extends further down the thigh and connects to the garter belt with a buckle.
This sexy mens lingerie is made from a combination of sheer mesh and solid material that is a microfiber mix of 94% Nylon / 6% Elastane. They are available in either Black or White.
If you are looking for an alternative to the often seen lace design of male lingerie then this could be for you. This super sexy jock lingerie shows plenty of flesh with a bulge defining fit on the pouch. The transparent mesh combined with solid material gives this male lingerie a masculine style.
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