Pikante Underwear Attraction Ruched Briefs - Sexy Briefs With Sheer See Thru Mesh Sections


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There is a huge range of different men's underwear available, from your everyday essentials through to styles that are a bit more sexy and daring. Sexy men's underwear comes in all shapes and sizes from your more sophisticated and sexy undies to men's underwear that is just downright kinky. If you are looking for sexy men's underwear that sits at the more outrageous end of the the spectrum then you are going to love the naughty style of the Pikante Underwear Attraction Ruched Briefs.

The overall cut of the Pikante Attraction Ruched Briefs is a wide fit bikini brief. The front section is low-rise with a thin elasticated waistband. The wide pouch has a centre seam dor definition and support and is made in a solid material with sheer mesh sections either side. The rear has a wider waistband that cuts down in the middle. This cut down starts to pull in the material that runs all the way down the rear center seam creating a ruched effect down the middle and creates a close fit into your bum crack. It has two cut out sections on the sides creating a triangular center with an additional elasticated strap.
This brief is made from 78% Nylon / 22% Elastane with the pouch made from opaque material and the front made from a sheer see-through mesh. Its available in either Black or Dark Blue.
This is certainly an unusual style of underwear that has a sexy look and gives you a really close fit on the rear. Even though the cut is somewhere between a brief and a bikini you could still wear this under tighter fitting trousers. 
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