Pikante Explore Castro Latin Trunks - Sexy Mini Trunk Boxer With Anatomically Shaped pouch



There is a huge choice of men's underwear styles available, one of the most popular styles are tighter fitting boxer short styles. Sometimes called boxer briefs or trunks or just plains boxers, there is a huge range of different fits from high-cut mini trunks to the the traditional long leg boxer brief. If you want a sexy mens trunk with an anatomically shaped pouch then take a look at the Pikante Underwear Explore Castro Latin Trunks

The Pikante Explore Castro Latin Trunk is a sexy trunk cut, latin cuts are usually very high on the leg and more of a mini trunk style. It is shorter on the leg than a traditional boxer brief or trunk styles. Its super low-rise on the waist with a narrow elasticated waistband. The pouch is anatomically shaped to accommodate your manhood. They feature a center seam on the rear to give a comfortable fit. 

They made from a microfiber fabric that is made from 93% Polyester / 7% Elastane and have a reptile like print.

If you looking for sexy trunks that will give you an impressive looking bulge then the low cut design and tight fitting pouch of these latin trunks are going to be ideal.

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