PetitQ Jockstrap - Black



Are you looking for a sexy and supportive jockstrap? Then the PetitQ Jockstrap in Black should do the trick.

The PetitQ Jockstrap in Black is a fairly standard jockstrap style with a wide low-rise waistband and decent width leg straps to give plenty of support and keep everything in place. But the pouch is not a standard jock pouch. It is a cup style pouch that is a little wider than true athletic style jocks. But it also features a cut out section that gives a sexy glimpse of your manhood.

It's made from 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex to give it just enough stretch.

Maybe not an athletic style jockstrap as your manhood might pop out if you were running around, but certainly great for under tight jeans or trousers.

Sizing Information