Men's Underwear Style Guide

Manhood Undies Ultimate Underwear Style Guide

The world of men’s underwear has changed radically over the years and thankfully for the better. There is now a huge range of different men’s underwear styles, so you can wear a different style of pants every day of the week.

But with such a wide range of styles and cuts it can often be confusing to figure out exactly what you are putting your manhood into. Different underwear designers and different countries often give men’s underwear cuts different names making it even more confusing.

Our style guide is going to help you figure out the difference between your briefs and bikinis and separate your thongs from your tangas!


If you think briefs are just about old-fashioned saggy Y-Fronts then you are very mistaken. There is a whole range of stylish and sexy briefs on the market in a range of materials from mesh through modal.

The men’s brief should be the foundation of any mans underwear draw, it comes in a variety of different styles and different cuts. They offer a comfortable and supportive fit, and are ideal for a number of occasions.

A brief will cover both your manhood and your bum, but leave your upper thigh and side of the leg exposed, but to what extent will depend on the cut. There are 3 standard cuts: 

  • High-Rise – Sits just below the belly button
  • Mid-Rise – Sits on the natural waistline about 2 inches below the belly button
  • Low-Rise – Sit below the natural waistline about 3 inches below the belly button and usually just about covers your manhood

Many briefs come with a contour pouch that supports your manhood. Increasingly these pouches are now designed to help enhance your natural shape giving you a more impressive bulge or to help lift your manhood to aid sporting activities.


The men’s trunk is a relatively new cut to the men’s underwear scene. It is also one of the most confusing styles as it is often referred or interchanged with the term boxer brief.

A trunk is similar to a brief in that supports your manhood and the cut can also vary in terms of both the rise (waist) as well as the length of the thigh that is covered. This makes trunks a very versatile style of men’s underwear that can be used for a variety of occasions, such as the gym and other physical activity.

Many trunks are now designed with additional features ranging from enhancing pouches to condom pockets. A good quality trunk / boxer brief will provide you with support for your manhood, rather than squash it between your legs!

Boxer Brief

The boxer brief is often referred to or interchanged with the term trunk, which again makes it confusing. A boxer brief is a hybrid between a brief, in that it is longer in length like boxer shorts, but is tighter fitting the same as a brief.

In general the trunk and boxer brief are the same style with various cuts both on the rise (waist) as well as on the leg. They offer support to your manhood as well as full coverage.

Boxer briefs are sometimes to be considered to be on the slightly longer side to trunks and would cover about 1/3 of your thigh. Although this may depend on which term the brand or retailer uses. Sometimes a boxer brief or trunk will have a square cut that sits higher up the leg.

Long Underwear

When you think about long underwear most people would automatically think about long johns that cover the whole of your leg. Most people would also consider long johns to not be very sexy.

Well those people would be wrong, as long underwear can be quite sexy, and come in a number of lengths. In the main long underwear has a practical use, either for some type of sporting activity or as a means of keeping warm. The lengths vary from the traditional ankle length to mid-calf and just above the knee.

Long underwear comes in a range of colours and materials, and will often have moisture wicking properties. Many brands have now started to include supportive pouches that lift your manhood up and away from the body that both helps physical activity as well as enhancing the shape of your manhood.


Men’s thongs are still somewhat of a mystery to many men, and most people assume them to not be that popular. But in fact across Europe thongs are incredibly popular.

Thongs have minimal design with a front pouch to support your manhood and then a waistband that is connected at the back by a strip of material. The wider T shaped material is the traditional thong shape, but you may also find a fine string of material, and this is often referred to as a G-String or a G-String thong.

The thong offers a very minimal amount of coverage, and not as much support as other styles. A thong will leave your bum cheeks exposed while the material strip sits between your bum cheeks.


Boxer shorts are a classic style of men’s underwear that have been around for a long time, they contain much more material than most underwear styles and don’t offer any support.

Men’s boxers is often used as a generic term to collect together a number of men’s underwear styles. In reality they are completely different as they are always loose fitting and will always feature a fly opening. The length of them can vary, but will often be mid thigh or lower. They are held up with an elastic waistband but will be loose around the bum, legs and will let you manhood swing cool and free.

Boxers have moved from quite baggy styles that you may associate with old men to a much more tapered cut. This helps to avoid the bunching up of material that can be common with boxer shorts.


Jockstraps were originally designed as sports underwear that holds a protective cup to help protect your manhood whilst taking part in various sporting activities. To this day they still are used by many men for a variety of sports but with or without the protective cup.

But over the years the jockstrap has also become a men’s underwear fashion item with a whole range of different styles on the market. A jockstrap covers and supports your manhood, but leaves your bum exposed by having bands that run around the top of your legs and connect to the pouch.

A jockstrap works as both a functional or fashionable piece of underwear. It offers support as well as helping to keep your manhood cool by lifting it away from your body. This can also have an enhancing effect on your manhood.

Jockstraps come in a whole range of materials from bamboo to leather. There are also some hybrid jocks on the market such as jock briefs that have a much more substantial amount of material around the legs.


The term pouch is used quite a lot when talking about men’s underwear, as many designs now have pouches. Whether it’s just a natural contour pouch or something like a enhancing pouch, there are a lot of them about. Well there is also a men’s underwear style called a pouch.

A pouch is very similar in style to a thong, and in particular a G-string thong. It consists of a pouch that covers your manhood, and then a thin string that goes around the waist and then sits between your bum cheeks


The men’s bikini cut is similar to a thong in some ways but has a little more material; it is a combination of a thong and a brief. It consists of a pouch for your manhood, but still covers your bum cheeks. The bikini cut tends to sit quite high on the leg leaving the entire thigh area uncovered.

The thickness of the waistband can vary from a string to a thick band, and they tend to sit low on the waist. In many ways they are like a low-rise brief, but usually sit higher on the leg. Some styles will be referred to as a bikini brief, or even just a brief.

They tend to have quite a snug fit and only just about cover your manhood. Many styles now come with a pouch that lifts and supports your manhood enhancing your shape and showing a nice bulge.