Men's Swimwear Style Guide

Manhood Undies Ultimate Swimwear Style Guide

Men’s swimwear styles are a bit more straightforward than the world of men’s underwear, with a fewer number of styles and cuts. But it can still be rather confusing as there are whole selection of options and features for you to consider.

Just like underwear there are some countries and designers that use different names for the same style, as well as a range of different cuts.

In some ways choosing swimwear can be even trickier than choosing your underwear, as it is likely that more people are going to see you and your manhood as you strut down the beach in your budgie smugglers than they would in your underwear. Well that is unless you spend your days tweeting photos of yourself in your underwear on Twitter!

Our swimwear guide will help your figure out the difference between a bulge enhancing swim brief and a square cut swim trunk.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are one of the most popular and modern types of swimwear, particularly with younger men. As the name suggests board shorts style originate from surfers who needed some protection from the wax on their boards.

In terms of the cut they are very conservative offering the most coverage, are quite loose, without any hint of showing your manhood. Although length can vary, it is always on the longer side either just above the knee or lower.

Most board shorts tend to have a drawstring on the waist instead of an elasticated waistband, as well as a double fly often with a Velcro fastening.

Swimming Shorts

Swim shorts is a term that is used to describe a number of different styles. The first is fairly straightforward in that it is used to describe a regular swimming short that has a loose fit, with an elastic waistband. The length of these will always be above the knee, but can sometimes be a short as running shorts. These are sometimes known as a swimming trunk, although general in the UK and Europe they would be called swim shorts.

There are also the shorter square cut shorts which are sometimes referred to as trunks, these tend be a tighter fit similar to a swimming brief / trunk. Imagine Daniel Craig coming out the sea, as Bond and you will know the style.

This style will be tight around the manhood, or at least if they are well made they should be! The good news is many styles now have pouches that help lift and support your manhood giving it a better shape. You can also get some styles that have enhancing features such as enhancing pouches or c-rings.

Swim Brief

The swim brief is just the same as an underwear brief; this style is sometimes referred to as swimming trunks, or even budgie smugglers. They are often referred to as Speedos, although that is the name of a brand rather than a style. The cut on swim briefs is the same as underwear briefs in that they completely cover both your manhood and your bum leaving your thighs exposed. The rise on briefs can vary, but normally they would be either mid-rise or low-rise. As above sometimes swim briefs have a square cut, but the more traditional version would be the rounded leg.

A swim brief is often used for water based sporting activities as they offer low resistance whilst in the water. Although many fashion based styles do have various detailing elements such as drawstrings. They offer a tight fit that is supportive and a good design will often have a pouch to hold your manhood. Again many styles now have enhancing features to make sure you are showing off your manhood to best effect both in and out of the pool.


Jammers are very similar to cycle shorts or compression shorts, they cover the whole of your bum and thighs and are very tight fitting. Jammers are really only used for sporting activities. You often see professional swimmers wearing them during competitions like the Olympics.

Sometimes they are worn with other clothes to offer a bit more support, but unless you need some swimwear that is all about the least amount of resistance in the water and sporting performance then maybe choose something else.

Swim Thong

Swim thongs are exactly the same as the underwear version in that they have a pouch at the front to cover your manhood and then a strip of material that sits between your bum cheeks. Typically with swim thongs they have the more traditional t shaped material that connects the pouch and then the thin waistband that leaves all of the thighs exposed with only the minimal amount of cover for your manhood.

Swim thongs are not as popular as other styles across much of the world, although most popular in continental Europe.

Unlike some swimwear swim thongs tend to have less lining, which means when wet some colours can become quite see through or sheer. Although if you are happy to wear a thong on the beach it’s probably the kind of beach where it does not matter if people see everything on display.

If you wanted to go to a nudist beach, but not quite ready for the full Monty then a swim thong could be a good starting point.