MaleBasics Underwear Sinful Thongs - Super Skimpy Mens G-String Style Thong


Men's thongs are an incredibly popular style of men's underwear, even though many people would consider them to be uncomfortable. Surprisingly they can be incredibly comfortable, but they are also a great choice under tight fitting clothing. As the lower profile fit of a male thong is less likely to feel uncomfortable or to show any unsightly underwear bulges. The MaleBasics Underwear Sinful Thong has a sexy posing pouch g-string style.
The MaleBasics Sinful Thong is a traditional male g-string thong which has a very low-rise on the waist with a very narrow waistband. It has a typical g-string rear with the thin strap that sits right between your bum cheeks so that it is barely visible. The pouch is a a narrow cup style style contour pouch that covers your manhood but is going to leave everything else bare.
This men's thong is made from a 93% Polyester / 7% Elastane mix that is durable and comfortable. They come in a choice of Green Tie-dye, Orange Tie-dye or a printed design.
This men's g-string thong is going to give you all the coverage you need upfront, whilst giving you a barely there experience to the rear that is going to allow you to squeeze your bum into the tightest jeans you own.
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