MaleBasics Underwear Sinful Jockstrap - Sexy & Bold Sports Mesh Bikini Jockstrap


Jockstraps were created as a functional piece of athletic wear. But they have now become a popular style of men's underwear with a variety of different types of jockstrap.  You still get athletic jocks that can support you whilst take part in sports, but we are seeing more and more fashion jockstrap and and everyday fashion jockstraps. The MaleBasics Underwear Sinful Jockstrap is like a bikini brief, but with the rear section cut out.
The MaleBasics Sinful Jockstrap Brief is not like a typical athletic jock as the overall design of this jockstrap is a sexy low cut bikini brief but with the rear cut out. This jock sits super low with a wide waistband. As with any bikini style underwear it cuts higher on the legs than a full brief. The contoured pouch cuts in really tight  to create an impressive bulge. The rear is similar to a brief, but with the central section removed to create the jock like straps.
They are made from a sports mesh material that is 84% Polyester / 16% Spandex. They come in either a Green Tie-dye, Orange Tie-dye or a Zebra print. 
Fashionable and sexy with great support that leaves your bum bare this jockstrap that ticks all the boxes. You can wear it all day long knowing this jockstrap is going to deliver comfort and support. A grerat choice under tight fitting jeans or trousers. The sexy design might not make this an ideal sports jock, but you might just end up getting physical anyway.
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