Male Power Mesh Rib Ring Jockstrap

Male Power


Are you looking for a see-through men's mesh jockstrap? Then look no further than the Male Power See Through Mesh Rib Ring Jockstrap

The Male Power See Through Mesh Rib Ring Jockstrap is a bit different from many jocks. It still has the traditional legs straps but they are attached with rings and two smaller straps that attach to the waistband and the side of the pouch. Its mid-rise on the waist with a slim silver satin waistband. The pouch is slightly wider than the traditional cup style pouch you see o many jockstraps.

It's made from a 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex mesh material that is ribbed so the see through effect gives just a glimpse without being fully transparent. Its light, durable and has a very good amount of stretch.

If you are looking for a sexy see-through mens mesh jockstrap then this might be the one.

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