Jack Adams USA Lux Drift Jockstrap

Jack Adams USA


Are you looking for a comfortable and stylish fashion jock? Then look no further than the Jack Adams USA Lux Drift Jockstrap.

The Jack Adams USA Lux Drift Jockstrap is a classic jockstrap cut that is very low-rise on the waist with a supportive contour pouch and the typical leg straps that leave your rear completely exposed. The waist and leg bands are nice and thick to ensure plenty of support.

It's made from 95% Modal / 5% Elastane for a super smooth feel with stretch that makes it fit like a second skin. Its made from Lenzing Modal made from beech tree wood fibre so feels cool on the skin and is absorbent with a silk like quality.

Super comfortable for all day wear and able to keep up with whatever you are doing ideal for wearing under tight clothing and can be used for physical activity.

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