JOR Underwear Beetle Thongs - Sexy Bold & Colourful Beetle Print Mens Thong Underwear


Men's thongs are an incredibly popular style of men's underwear, even though many people would consider them to be uncomfortable. Surprisingly they can be incredibly comfortable, but they are also a great choice under tight fitting clothing. As the lower profile fit of a male thong is less likely to feel uncomfortable or to show any unsightly underwear bulges. The JOR Underwear Beetle Thong is low cut whilst being both masculine and giving plenty of structure and support.
The JOR Beetle Thong is a bit like a tanga bikini style in that it leaves your legs completely bare. Its low-rise on the waist with a wide elasticated waistband and a wide cup style seamed contour pouch that supports your manhood. Your legs are completely clear as the waistband continues to run around with no material below it until it gets to the rear section. The rear has a Y shaped thong strap with the lower part sitting in between your bum cheeks and the upper parts sits outside of your bum cheeks.
They are made from a microfiber material that is 96% Polyester / 4% Spandex that is durable and smooth. It comes in bugs themed print with white, yellows and blues with black contrast detail on the thong strap, waistband, and around the pouch. 
The design of this men's thong is going to give you all the support and coverage you need upfront, whilst giving you a solid structured rear that will keep everything place and not ride to far up your bum crack. But it is still low-profile enough to sit well under tight clothing without showing. A good male thong if this is your first adventure into the world of men's thong underwear.
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