JOR Tribal Swim Trunks - Sexy Square Cut Swimwear



Mens swimwear comes in a wide variety of styles, with many men preferring to to go with the more conservative swim short style. But if you want something a bit sexier or more suited to swimming lengths then you would be better with the lower profile form fitting swim brief and trunk styles.  The square cut profile of the JOR Tribal Swim Trunk is going to give you full coverage back and front while maintaining a close fit.

The JOR Tribal Swim Trunks are a sexy version of a square cut trunk style. They are still very low-rise on the waist with a lean cut that sits on your hips. It has more full cut on the rear and on the legs to give you good coverage as well as comfort. The contour pouch gives your manhood good support and definition while remaining respectively decent! The contrast fabric covered waistband features a contrast tie cord at the front and metal detailing.

Material is made from a 87% Polyester / 13% Spandex smooth microfiber that is quick drying and provides support and comfort exactly where needed. The waistband and leg bands are done in a matching contrast design against a tribal inspired print. 

Swim trunks are usually the more conservative style compared to a brief or bikini, but the super low cut and the close fitting form fit still delivers mens swimwear for you to show off as you dive into that pool.

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