JOR Travel Jockstrap - Classic Jock Design



Are you looking for a jock that is fashionable or a jock that can give you the athletic support you need. The JOR Travel Jockstrap does both with a traditional jockstrap cut in stylish stripes.

The JOR Travel Jockstrap is very much a traditional jock cut, it has a low-rise thick waistband with supportive narrow leg straps that sit just below your bum cheeks. The waistband and leg straps are the foundations of the support given by the contour support cup style pouch that is just a little bit wider than an original jock cup pouch.

The stylish stripe design is made with a 94% Cotton / 6% Spandex is comfortable and looks great. The JOR Travel Jockstrap does exactly what you expect a jock to do, whilst looking great.

Sizing Information