JOR Swimwear Bees Swim Briefs - Sexy Modern Fit Printed Brief Style Mens Swimwear


Buying men's swimwear is completely different to men's underwear as nobody has to see your underwear if you don't want them too. But with men's swimwear you are generally seen in public at the pool or beach. So choice of style is important, want to keep it low key then maybe a board or swim short? But want to show off a little? Then how about a sexy men's swim brief, the kind of budgie smuggler that you can pose around the pool in? Then the JOR Swimwear Bees Swim Briefs should be just what you are looking for.

The JOR Bees Swim Brief is somewhere between a bikini cut and traditional brief. It has got a very low profile on the waist and cuts a little higher on the legs than a traditional fuller fit swim brief. But still gives you full coverage front and rear. 

The swim brief style is low-rise on the waist with a internal fabric covered waistband and an external tie drawstring. The ergonomically shaped pouch provides an anatomical fit that supports your impressive bulge. The full bikini style cut on the rear just about gives full coverage.

This male swim brief is made from 87% Nylon / 13% Spandex  is resilient and quick drying. It comes in a bright bee inspired print.

The JOR Bees Swim Brief strikes a nice balance between a full swim brief and a bikini style. There is enough material at the front and the rear to give full coverage, but a slightly higher cut show a bit of extra leg and creates a sexy and masculine streamlined profile.

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