JOR Pacific Swim Shorts - Longer Leg Swim Shorts



There is a wide range of different men's swimwear styles available. But not everyone wants to wear tight fitting swimwear thats parades the goods whilst at the beach or the pool. If you're looking for men's swimwear that keeps you covered then the longer leg classic swim short style of the JOR Swimwear Pacific Swim Shorts should be ideal.

The JOR Pacific Swim Shorts are a classic swimming short design with a leg that finishes just a little way above the knee, they are low to mid-rise on the waist with a drawstring tie cord. They are a looser fit than many swimwear styles making them comfortable and ideal for a range of body types. They feature two side pockets making them stylish and practical.

They are made from 96% Polyester / 4% Spandex so are durable and quick drying they come in a simple but stylish block colour. 

Keep yourself looking cool and feeling comfortable in these classic swim shorts.

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