JOR Naval Bikini - Low Profile Bikini Brief Style Mens Underwear



Men's briefs are a popular men's underwear style, but sometimes the fuller cut of a brief is still a bit too much material. If you want a lower profile and sexier version of a brief then you need to be looking for a men's bikini. The JOR Underwear Navel Bikini gives you less coverage on the legs whilst still covering your bum in this sexy men's bikini.

The JOR Navel Bikini has got a very low profile, but still gives you the comfort and support you need to wear this men's bikini brief all day long. Staying true to the bikini style cut this brief is very low-rise on the waist with a thick elasticated waistband. But the full bikini cut of the ergonomically shaped pouch provides an anatomical fit that supports your impressive bulge. The bikini style cut of this underwear cuts higher on the leg than the standard brief. The wide cut gives this bikini structure that will stay in place, with the minimal amount material giving good coverage.

This male bikini is made from 78% Polyester / 22% Spandex has good stretch and is resilient. It comes in a block white with a contrast colour strip on the pouch as well as contrast red and blue stripes on the waistband.

If you like you men's underwear sleek and sexy then this men's bikini brief is great under tight fitting trousers and jeans. and will really accentuate the shape of your manhood.

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