JOR Bengal Briefs - Sexy Tiger Inspired Print Mens Briefs



Mens briefs are a continually popular men's underwear style and millions of men wear them everyday, they are versatile, comfortable and sexy. The JOR Elephant Briefs are ideal for everyday wear with a comfortable fit and a super sexy animal print.

The JOR Bengal Briefs are a modern take on the classic full brief that gives you good overall coverage, but they are low-rise on the waist with  a thick elasticated waistband. The contoured pouch is a cup style pouch that is separated structurally with a seam that gives you great support and definition. The rear is a full rear that will give you full and comfortable coverage. The rear also has a central and horizontal sew on the seat that will give you a comfortable fit.

They are made from a microfiber material that is 96% Polyester / 4% Spandex that is durable and smooth. They come in sexy tiger print with contrast detailing on the waistband, leg bands and around the pouch. They also feature athletic looking detailing on the side. 

These are the kind of briefs that you will have your roaring as reach into your underwear drawer. They are versatile and comfortable whilst having a modern and sexy look.

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