JOR Activewear Skin Tank Top - Sheer See Through Mesh Tank Top Style Activewear Vest


The vest style tank top is a super versatile piece of menswear. Not only can it be worn as underwear as layer to keep your warm but the right style of tank top vest can also be used in the gym as athletic wear. You can even wear it showing under a shirt as part of a stylish outfit or rock it on the beach on your holidays. The JOR Activewear Skin Tank Top is made from a see-through mesh that makes this activewear into sexy wear!
The JOR Activewear Tank Top has narrow shoulder straps and a mid front round neckline that will fully show your shoulders and the upper part of your chest. The rear has full coverage between the shoulders with a rounded edge and a higher neckline that sits just below the neck. The torso of this tank top style vest is full length and has a tailored fit for a fitted look.
This tank top is made from a transparent sheer mesh material that is a microfibre blend that is 96% Polyester / 4% Spandex that is super light. It come in a choice of either Black or White with a contrast trim on the shoulders and neck.
One of the best things about this tank top is that it's so versatile, you can wear it under clothes or on its own. Either in the gym or on the beach this tank top is going to display those shoulder muscles for all to see.
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