Joe Snyder Underwear Push-Up G-String - Bulge Enhancing Mens G-string Thong

Joe Snyder


There is a wide range of enhancing mens underwear available in various styles. A number of mens underwear brands specially engineer their underwear to enhance both the shape and size of your bulge.  Enhancing the look of your manhood can be achieved through a number of ways, such as pouch design, slings rings or even padding / cups. The Joe Snyder Underwear Push Up G-String gives you minimal coverage with an enhancing pouch with the option of adding a moulded cup.

This men's g-string is a traditional g-string thong design. It is very low-rise on the waist with a very narrow string waistband and a T shaped rear with the narrow string that sits in-between your bum cheeks. The front consists of a close fitting tear-shaped cup style pouch that gathers up and contains your manhood and pushes it up to create a bulge effect. Or you can insert the moulded cup into the specially designed holder in the pouch.

Please note the inserts must be purchased separately by clicking here.

They are made from a microfibre mix of 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra that has really good stretch. They come with a yellow waistband and a choice of contrast block colours on the pouch.

The g-string style of this men's thong gives you absolute minimal material with a bulge enhancing pouch. Its up to you if you have the added cost of the cup insert. But whichever you choose you're going to turn heads in this sexy g-string.

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