Joe Snyder Underwear Denim Running Short - High Cut Denim Effect Running Short

Joe Snyder


Joe Snyder Underwear is well know for is collection of sexy and bulge enhancing underwear styles. Well did you know that they also a number of more athletic focused items? One such item is the Joe Snyder Underwear Denim Running Shorts. Possible the sexiest version of a running short ever seen?

Is this men's underwear or not? Who knows, but we know it is sexy! Underwear or outerwear it's up to you, but the high cut Joe Snyder Denim Running Short can be worn as underwear or as activewear while doing physical activity. These Running Shorts offer good coverage on the front and the rear, but feature a high-cut on the sides that exposes a lot of flesh on the legs, but also gives you a great deal of freedom of movement that makes them ideal for physical exercise.

These shorts are supportive in all the right places while the fabric, made from 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex, gives you that extra element of stretch where you need it the most. They come in either a blue or red denim style material.

The Joe Snyder Running Short only comes in One Size Fits Most and because of the construction and design are a little more unforgiving compared to some of the other Joe Snyder One Size Fits Most styles.

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