Joe Snyder Thong

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The Joe Snyder Men's Thong is a classic thong design, the classic thong has more structure than a G-string with the classic T shape at the rear. This thong offers a good level of support with a front pouch that offers good support as well as giving you natural lift and a gentle slight enhancement. This thong gives you a good level of support and minimal coverage both on the front with a high cut on the leg and a low-rise on the waist. And minimal coverage with the traditional thong cut on the rear with the strap of material sitting between and at the top of the bum cheeks.

Made out of 80% nylon combined with 20% spandex, they feel soft and silky against your skin and provide you with a supportive fit with a little stretch for added comfort. Ideal for wearing with tight fitting trousers or jeans as they maintain the shape of your bulge whilst allowing a low underwear profile with no bunching of material.

Thongs continue to gain more and more popularity with men, as they offer another option in the underwear department so maybe try the the Joe Snyder Men's Thong today.