Joe Snyder Underwear Polyester Kini - Super Skimpy Mens Bikini Style Underwear

Joe Snyder

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If you are looking for sexy mens bulge enhancing underwear then you can't go wrong with Joe Snyder Underwear who are known for their sexy bulge enhancing styles. One of the styles they are most well known for is for their range of mens bikini underwear. Mens bikinis are very similar to mens brief underwear, but tend to have a sexier style with less coverage and a higher cut on the legs. But if a normal mens bikini still has too much material then look at the Joe Snyder Kini, which is similar to a bikini but even skimpier with less material. The Joe Snyder Polyester Bikini is exactly the same as the classic kini, but in polyester and a range of new bright colours.

The Joe Snyder Polyester Kini is like a distant cousin of the men's bikini in that basis of it is the same but it is quite different. The Joe Snyder Kini is pretty much a pouch with strappy waist bands that links up to a minimal coverage rear. It almost like something in between a bikini brief and a male thong. It sits low on the waist with very narrow wristbands. As you can expect from a Joe Snyder pouch it offers good coverage for your manhood with a central seam that slightly enhances and provides good support with such a minimal waistband. The rear cuts up high about midway on your bum cheeks so it sits outside the bum cheeks more than a thong would do but you wouldn't say it gives full coverage.

It's made from a smooth 80% Polyester / 20% Spandex mix that has good stretch to give you a supportive fit with a little give in the pouch and the waistband. It comes in a range of bright and vibrant block colours with black contrast waistband and piping.

The Joe Snyder Polyester Kini is one size fits all, but there will be limits to that. Joe Snyder sizes do tend to run a little on the smaller side.

If you want some super sexy minimal mens underwear then you are going to love barely there feel of this mens underwear. Ideal for wearing under tighter fitting clothes but still with good support and coverage. 

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