Joe Snyder Capri

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Thinking about wearing a male thong? Then maybe try a capri. Is it a  brief, is it a thong, no; its a a capri! But what exactly is a capri. Well if you know your men's underwear styles you will know that a capri cut brief is halfway between a brief and a thong. The Joe Snyder Capri in nude are a popular Brazilian cut brief, and those brazilians know something about being sexy!

At the rear the top part of your bum has a fair amount of coverage and the rear cuts in tighter the lower it goes allowing your lower bum cheeks to enjoy a little more exposure! As with all Joe Snyder underwear the pouch is designed with your support in mind, the front pouch allows you to be cradled, keeping everything in the correct position and ensuring maximum comfort.

Great for everyday wear and a great choice if wearing tight clothing these men's capri briefs offer superb comfort and styling. These capri brief are a neutral nude colour so if your looking a discreet, but sexy pair of briefs then the Joe Snyder Capri in nude could be right up your street

The fabric is a smooth 80% nylon and 20% spandex combination, allowing it to be supportive yet stretchy so that you feel free in your movements. A must have item if you are looking for a sleek sexy cut brief.

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