Jack Adams USA Men's Bikini Thong


Are you looking for a comfortable men's thong? Then look no further than the Jack Adams USA Bikini Thong. It takes male thongs to another level.

The Jack Adams USA Bikini Thong is a classic men's bikini cut with a low-rise on the waist and high on the legs and a supportive contour pouch. Combined with a thong cut at the rear that is wider that some thongs with a Y-shape on the rear. It's similar to a capri cut with a little bit of material that sits outside of your bum cheeks.

It's made from a lovely and soft combination of 95% Modal / Elastane that has good stretch and feel great with flat seams to reduce rubbing and chaffing.

A Modal men's thong that you can comfortably wear all day. 

Sizing Information