Hunk² Underwear Phoenix Koniglich² Jockstrap - Stylish & Fashionable Jock Underwear



Before being considered as a mainstream men's underwear style the jockstrap was mainly used as an athletic support to help support and protect the crown jewels, often combined with a protective cup. But jockstraps were actually created for bike messengers in the 1800's. Nowadays the jockstrap is a popular men's underwear style. If you are looking for a fashion jockstrap that keeps true to its historical athletic style then you are going to love the Hunk² Underwear Phoenix Koniglich² Jockstrap.

This jockstrap is a traditional jock cut with a low-rise wide elasticated waistband. The front is a cup style pouch with a contour and a central seam that gives your manhood good support and leaves your legs completely bare. The narrow leg straps attach to the side of the waistband and sit under your bum cheeks by attaching to the pouch leaving your bum cheeks bare but with good support.

They are made from really smooth material that is 78% Polyamide / 22% Spandex and has good stretch. They come in a classic white with turquoise trim, and turquoise waistband and leg straps.

This jockstrap gives great support as you would expect, but the minimal amount of material makes them ideal under tight fitting jeans or trousers. With great support as well a fashionable style, this versatile jock strap can be worn if your heading to work or hitting the gym.

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