Hunk² Underwear Chaos Angreifen² Thongs - Bright & Bold Male Thong Underwear



Mens thongs continue to grow in popularity as a men's underwear style. A male thong is ideal if you want a minimal amount of material whilst still having good support for your manhood. If you are looking for a masculine style male thong with an athletic edge to it then you are going to love the Hunk² Underwear Chaos Angreifen² Thong.

The cut on this male thong is low-rise on the waist with a wide elasticated waistband. The front is a wide triangular cup style with a contour pouch that has a centre seam that gives good support. This leaves your legs completely bare. The rear is a small triangle of material at the top attached to the waistband with a narrow strap that sits between your bum cheeks leaving them completely clear creating a classic thong Y shape.

They are made from a really smooth 78% Polyamide / 22% Elastane that has really good stretch. They come in a bright and bold orange with contrast piping on the edges and a black waistband.

This men's thong offers great support and minimal material thats make them a great choice for under tight fitting jeans or trousers. this male thong is all about a masculine and athletic style rather then being sexy. a great everyday thong for your underwear drawer.

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