Hunk² Underwear Adonis Neonlicht² Briefs - Athletic Sports Mesh Designer Briefs


Men's briefs are one of the oldest styles of mens underwear but they still remain incredibly popular. One reason for their popularity is that there is a wide range of brief styles from skimpy bikini style briefs through to fuller fitting traditional briefs. A good pair of briefs will offer support and versatility. If you are looking for a stylish and modern pair of mens briefs you are going to love the athletic sports mesh material of the Hunk² Underwear Adonis Neonlicht² Briefs.
These briefs have a traditional and athletic fuller fitting cut with a modern low-rise wide elasticated waistband. They feature a supportive contoured pouch with a center seam that is made from a solid material. The sports mesh rear is seamless with a full fit giving your bum complete coverage with flat piping around the leg in a contrasting neon yellow.
These briefs are made from a mixture of black close knit sports mesh, apart from the pouch which is made from solid material in an olive green. The material is a mix of 78% Polyamide / 22% Elastane that has good stretch. 
These briefs are stylish and practical giving a fit that allow you to wear them all day no matter what you are doing but with a style that is bound to get you noticed. Wear them to the office or to the gym, they will give your support and comfort no matter what you are doing.
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