Hidden Underwear Bikini-Trunks - Sexy & Unusual Mens Bulge Underwear


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If you want mens underwear that is a little bit different with a sexy edge that shows off your impressive bulge then take a look at the Hidden Underwear Bikini-Trunks.

The Hidden Bikini-Trunks are hard to describe they are like a traditional trunk style with the front pouch area removed  and the cheeks cut out at the rear and both replaced with sections that are like wearing a bikini brief. This design a super sexy look with the full attention focused on the pouch which naturally enhances and support your bulging manhood. They are super low-rise on the waist with the design creating a thick waistband at the front. The rear is similar to a jockstrap with a bikini brief like rear. This gives a sexy glimpse of your bum cheeks.

They are made from 93% Nylon / 7% Spandex.

This men's underwear is a little unusual but it does have a sexy look and they certainly focus the attention on your manhood with the pouch creating an impressive bulge.

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