Ergowear FEEL XV Boxer - Black

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Looking for sexy men's ergonomic underwear that's comfortable and doesn't squash your manhood? Then the Ergowear FEEL XV men's underwear with its revolutionary pouch design is just what you need.

The Ergowear FEEL XV Boxer in Black is part of the Ergowear XV collection that features the best selling FEEL pouch and MAX pouch. THE XV men's underwear line was created to celebrate 15 years of Ergowear researching and designing men's underwear and features briefs, bikinis, boxers, mini boxers and men’s thongs.

Each FEEL XV style features the innovative and exclusive seamless pouch that gives your manhood space, as it does not confine you to a tight fitting pouch. All the styles are made from a variety of super soft materials that FEEL amazing. The pouch cradles and supports your manhood like putting it in a hammock. Rather than encasing it that’s gives a very free feeling.

The cut of this Ergowear XV Boxer is low-rise on the waist with a black 40mm wide satin finish waistband and is a trunk style cut with a short leg so offers full coverage on the front and rear to give maximum coverage and a high degree of comfort. It's ideal if you find pouches on men's underwear too constricting and are looking for something to wear while doing physical activity. It's hand made in Chile in a cool Microfibre mix of 89% Polyamide / 11% Spandex which is very soft on the skin and highly elastic.

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