Ergowear MAX XV Men's Thong - Navy


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Looking for a comfortable men's thong underwear that will enhance your bulge? Then the Ergowear MAX XV Thong in Navy could be for you. The XV men's underwear collection was created to celebrate 15 years of designing and producing men's underwear. Featuring Ergowear's most ergonomic pouch to give your manhood a boost. Its has a classic and stylish look that's uses a super stretch microfibre mixed with the sexiness of minimal coverage with a men's thong cut.

The MAX collection from Ergowear has the largest selection of styles and materials of any Ergowear collection. As usual you get a selection of briefs, bikinis, boxers, mini boxers, jockstraps and men’s thongs. But in the MAX collection you get even more variety with the MAX Modal, MAX XV, Max Mesh, MAX Premium, MAX Light and MAX Suave. 

The MAX Collection features the original three-dimensional pouch design with a centre seam. The pouch is designed to lift your manhood up and away from your legs for a comfortable and naturally enhancing effect. Each style within the MAX collection features a 40mm Ergowear branded waistband that gives an athletic style to the collection.

The MAX XV Thong in Navy is made from a 89% Polyamide / 11% Spandex mix material. The cut on the MAX XV Thong in Navy is a minimal cut with a streamlined 3XD pouch and the t-shaped thong strap at the rear leaving your bum cheeks and legs completely exposed. The wide waist band is low-rise to produce a men's thong that gives minimal coverage whilst maintaining structure and support. 

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