Ergowear Underwear SLK Thong in White - Comfortable Ergonomic Pouch Male Thong


If you want some sexy and comfortable men's underwear then it doesn't get much sexier than a men's thong. Not only is the minimal amount of material really sexy male thongs are surprisingly comfortable. Combine that with a ergonomic pouch and you have one seriously sexy and comfortable underwear style. Ergowear are renowned for the ergonomic fit of their underwear pouches. The Ergowear Underwear SLK Thong in White with its flat seams and ergonomic pouch is super sexy and will slightly enhance your manhood by gently lifting it away from your thighs.
The SLK Collection from Ergowear uses the 3D pouch technology that you see in a number of other Ergowear collections. The nose shaped pouch give your manhood a bit of lift away from your body but still gives you room to move and find the optimum position for your manhood. The bulge effect is slightly less than some other Ergowear styles, but a comfortable fit is guaranteed as it shapes to your natural contours.
This Ergowear SLK Thong uses a state-of-the-art Microfiber mix of 89% Polyamide / 11% Elastane Microfibre mix that is durable, smooth and has a high level of elasticity.
The cut of the Ergowear SLK Thong is low profile with a low-rise waist with a 25mm elasticated waistband that connects the front and the rear.  The front is similar to a jock style cup pouch that cuts in close to the crotch with the ergonomic center seam pouch leaving your thighs bare. The sides cut high on the legs with the waistband connecting to the traditional Y-shape thong rear. The top of the rear sits just outside while lower section sits inbetween your bum cheeks leaving them completely bare. They are ideal for wearing under tight fitting clothing. Minimal coverage and maximum comfort,  with the added benefit of an ergonomic pouch.
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