Ergowear Underwear MAX XV Bikini in Royal Blue - Ergonomic Enhancing Mens Bikini Briefs


Men's briefs are one of the longest running styles of mens underwear, and there is a wide selection of different styles of men's briefs available. Men's bikini brief are a sexier more streamlined version of the traditional brief.  if you are looking for sexy bikini style that will enhance your bulge? Then the Ergowear Underwear MAX XV Bikini in Royal Blue could be for you.
This enhancing mens underwear features Ergowear's most ergonomic pouch to give your manhood a boost. Its has a classic and stylish look that's uses a super stretch microfibre that looks great and feels great.
The MAX XV Collection features the original three-dimensional pouch design with a centre seam. The pouch is designed to lift your manhood up and away from your legs for a comfortable and naturally enhancing effect. Each style within the MAX XV collection features a 40mm Ergowear branded waistband that gives an athletic masculine style to the collection. But this enhancing underwear will give you an impressive bulge that will leave do doubt about your masculinity.
The Ergowear MAX XV Bikini is made from a 89% Polyamide / 11% Spandex mix material.
The cut on the Ergowear MAX XV Bikini is low profile and is similar to a tanga cut with a fully covered rear and the ergonomic enhancing pouch both attached to the thick low-rise waistband that leaves the legs uncovered, but still gives full coverage over the bum and. They give a superior level of comfort as they separate your manhood from your legs and is super stretchy and silky smooth.
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