Ergowear Underwear FEEL Modal Long Boxer in Burgundy - Ergonomic Pouch Boxer Brief


If you want a boxer brief that is super comfortable then you are going to love this super soft Modal men's underwear with its revolutionary pouch design. The Ergowear Underwear FEEL Modal Long Boxer in Burgundy has a loose but supportive ergonomic pouch.
The Ergowear FEEL Modal Long Boxer in Burgundy is part of the Ergowear FEEL Collection and features the innovative and exclusive seamless pouch that gives your manhood space, as it does not confine you to a tight fitting pouch. The pouch cradles and supports your manhood like putting it in a hammock. Rather than encasing it that’s gives a very free feeling. But still manages to give you support and slight push forwards effect.
The FEEL Modal Long Boxers are made from a Modal microfibre mix of 90% Modal / 10% Spandex that feels amazing and wicks away moisture.
The cut of this Ergowear men's long boxer is super low-rise on the waist with a tiny thin waistband and is a trunk mid-cut on the leg. It gives full coverage across the front and the rear to give maximum coverage and comfort. It's ideal if you find pouches on men's underwear too constricting or you have a particularly large manhood and large thighs.
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