Ergowear Underwear FEEL GR8 Bikini in Night Blue - Ergonomic Pouch Mens Briefs



Men's briefs are one of the most popular underwear styles in the world. They offer a balance of support and comfort while minimizing the amount of material used compared to a boxer brief or trunk. There are a wide range of men’s briefs available from the traditional fuller fitting brief through to the men’s bikini brief. The Ergowear Underwear FEEL GR8 Bikini in Night Blue are somewhere in between a full fit and a bikini fit. They feature the innovative ergonomic FEEL pouch with a super soft material that feels great.


The Ergowear FEEL GR8 Bikini in Night Blue men's is low-rise on the waist with a narrow internal waistband with a low-profile slim bikini cut at the front with a full coverage rear to give maximum coverage and comfort. This men’s bikini uses the Ergowear FEEL pouch that gives your manhood space, as it does not confine you to a tight-fitting pouch. The pouch cradles and supports your manhood like putting it in a hammock. Rather than encasing it that’s gives a very free feeling. But still manages to give you support and slight push forwards effect. It's ideal if you find pouches on men's underwear too constricting or have a particularly large manhood. 


The FEEL GR8 bikini is made from an ultra-soft microfibre mix of 89% Polyamide / 11% Spandex that has a much softer feel than cotton and has a high level of elasticity. They come in a dark blue with a small Ergowear logo above the pouch. They are designed and produced in Chile, South America. Ensure you wash this on a delicate wash, do not bleach or tumble dry to ensure your men’s underwear retain their colour and shape.


This men’s bikini brief offers all the aspects you need for a super comfortable men’s bikini brief. It features the ergonomic and comfortable FEEL pouch, it has a full coverage rear and it is made from a super soft material that feels amazing. But it also comes with a lower profile than many men’s briefs which means that you can wear it under tighter fitting pants and jeans.


Sizing Information

 All men’s underwear sizes can vary between brands, the sizes provided are the average size. Due to being handmade there can sometimes be small discrepancies in individual items. The fit will also vary depending on the style. If you are in between the two sizes, we suggest that you consider the larger size. The FEEL pouch is looser fit style of pouch that offers good support and is ideal if you find normal pouches too tight. Please note we cannot exchange underwear that has been tried on due to hygiene. For more information on sizing check out our men's underwear size guide or contact us.


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