Ergowear Pouch Guide

The pouch is key area in any piece of men’s underwear no matter what the style whether it be a brief, boxer brief, jockstrap or men’s thong. In fact the only style of men’s underwear where the pouch is not really a factor is the original loose fitting boxer short style. But in the main the pouch is a key aspect in the comfort, fit and functionality of any item of men’s underwear.

Often the pouch can be a key factor between different men’s underwear brands, with many brand having developed a range of different types of pouches for different purposes such as comfort or to enhance the size of your manhood.

One of the stand out men’s underwear brands for the development of pouch technology is Ergowear with their innovative range of ergonomic men’s underwear.

In this guide we will give you the lowdown on the three pouch types that Ergowear have developed to help you choose which pouch might be right for you.

Ergowear FEEL Pouch

The FEEL pouch is a non-constraining pouch that doesn’t force your manhood into a pre-defined position. Giving you much more freedom on how you position your manhood whilst still giving you support.

The FEEL pouch is designed without a vertical or horizontal seam, but is more like a hammock style allowing your manhood to go down, up or to either side. But the design of this pouch still keep your manhood away from your thighs. The design of the pouch gently pushes your balls up and forwards leaving enough space for you to then position your manhood whichever way you want within the pouch.

It’s a great choice if you find other pouches too constraining and uncomfortable, if you’re lucky enough to be packing a big trouser snake then you might find a bit more space within this wider hammock style pouch. The design of this pouch is very much geared towards a comfortable free feeling.

Ergowear MAX Pouch

The Ergowear MAX pouch is a three-dimensional pouch that is designed to provide maximum support. It separates your manhood away from your thighs but keeps your manhood in a more traditional downwards position. Your balls are slightly pulled up and towards the front but without constraining your manhood too much, but still creates a defined bulge.

Extra support and definition is provided by a central seam on the MAX pouch, but the seam is flat stitched so as not to rub or chafe.

The MAX pouch does provide some natural shape enhancement and definition, but it delivers great support that is ideal for sporting activities.

Ergowear FEEL Pouch

The X3D pouch is similar to the MAX pouch in that it is a three-dimensional pouch. But is called the X3D as it stands for extra three-dimensional due to the elasticated nature of the pouch. Similar to the MAX pouch it keeps your manhood away from your thighs by slightly pulling your balls up and out. But still keep your manhood in the more traditional downwards direction.

The design of this pouch really moulds to the shape of your manhood and balls and creates a slightly tighter and defined bulge that can almost show every curve of what is hidden inside.

Similar to the MAX pouch the X3D has a central seam that helps provide that support and definition. The tightly packaged nature of this pouch gives natural enhancement making the most of what you have without rings slings or other such items.

In Conclusion…

All three pouches have been designed with ergonomic principles that aim to give the best levels of comfort. Deciding which pouch will be most comfortable is down to you, your body and your preferences. If you have a big manhood and like freedom then the FEEL pouch might be the right choice. If you like a tighter pouch then maybe the X3D would be the right option.

We always say different underwear for different reasons and the same goes for the pouch. If you want athletic performance then the FEEL might have you swinging about whilst running so maybe not the right option for running or cycling. But if you’re just having a lazy day on the sofa then you might want something a bit looser than the MAX pouch.

As always we are here to help with any questions just get in touch.