Ergowear FEEL Swim Bikini - Instant Print



Finding good mens swimwear that makes the most of your assets can be a challenge. Well we have the answer with the super sexy Ergowear Feel Swim Bikini Instant Print with the innovative ergonomic FEEL pouch.

The Ergowear FEEL Swim Bikini Instant Print is a classic bikini cut, it is super low-rise on the waist with a thin drawstring waistband. It sits high on the legs like a bikini should, but gives full coverage on the rear whilst maintaining an overall low profile.

The print is like a collage of Polaroid style instant photos hence the name, giving it a bright and fun style.

It features the innovative and exclusive seamless FEEL pouch that gives your manhood space, as it does not confine you to a tight fitting pouch. The pouch cradles and supports your manhood like putting it in a hammock. Rather than encasing it that’s gives a very free feeling whilst pushing it slightly up.

It made from 89% Polyamide / 11% Spandex so has good stretch and is quick dry and super sleek.

If your are looking for some special men's swimwear for the beach or pool this summer then this is the one to buy!

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