Doreanse Underwear Rainbow Disco Bikini - Rainbow Coloured Mens Bikini Brief

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Mens briefs are one of the longest running styles of men's underwear and continue to be very popular choice of men's underwear. As with most types of mens underwear there is now a wide choice of different styles of mens briefs. Men's bikini briefs tend to offer a skimper fit than the fuller fit of a traditional men's brief. The Doreanse Underwear Rainbow Disco Bikini cuts high on the rear but with a slightly fuller front than some men's bikinis. 
The cut on the Doreanse Disco Bikini is somewhere between a full brief and a bikini brief that gives good coverage front but cuts high on the rear. It has a low-rise on the waist with internal narrow elasticated waistband. It cuts higher on the legs than a traditional brief but with a wider band of material than many men's bikinis. The pouch is contoured to give your manhood support and definition. The bikini style rear cuts high and only just about gives you full coverage for a comfortable fit.
They are made from a rainbow coloured material that is 90% Polyester / 10% Elastane that has smooth feel to it with a good amount of stretch. 
This mens bikini briefs offer a very full and comfortable fit on the front that is going to deliver all day comfort, with a slightly skimpier and sexy fit on the rear. The bright coloring has a digital look to it that creates a shimmer style effect.
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